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[Under Construction]Samples of playing

Check here often for pictures of past Jam nights. 


Darryl Winseman                Marko Polo 

Pamela Jackson singing with David Dennis on sax

Michael Deak (Keys) Jack Bruce (Bass) with Tony at the jazz brunch.

Richard Gomez, Michael Deak, Tony, and Danny Bergen


Nina Beck on keys, Joel on Flute        Stephan Oberhoff/keys, Tony, and Darryl Winseman

Javier Vergara and Darryl Winseman

Cleveland Donnelly with Tony and Dave Chen

Tony DiGiovanni/drums, Michael Deak/keys, Big Al/bass.

Tony DiGiovanni Trio with past jammers.

Jack Cousineau/Bass, Darryl Winseman/sax, Tony DiGiovanni, Matt Huerta/keys, Marlo Henderson/guitar, and Danny Bergen/trumpet


Dave Smith and Paul Shortino

James Thorburn and Tony DiGiovanni

Charlie DiComo, Pete Milazzo, Tony DiGiovanni, and Steve Matissi

The Original Encounters live at the RKO Madisson Theater, Brooklyn, New York

Pictures of Lisa


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