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Tony DiGiovanni started playing drums in a Fife, Drum, and Bugle Corps.  From there, he began playing in night clubs, casuals and recording sessions.  He studied formally with Freddie Gruber and Joe Porcaro where he learned to read music, and has more recently studied with Roy McCurdy.  He plays all styles, but especially enjoys playing jazz and latin jazz.   Tony  hosted the Sunday Jazz Brunch at The Spot (formally known as the Vintage Cafe and Bistro) in Pasadena for nearly three years, and successfully created and ran the Jazz Jam at the same venue for over two years.  Tony has played many studio dates and is comfortable in whatever playing situation presents itself.  He is known for his solid time and his great sense of ensemble. 

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Phone: 818.385.4078

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General Information: tonyondrums4u@hotmail.com



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